Musharraf Gotta Go !!

Two very interesting and incisive posts from “The Acorn” this week got me all rankled up.

Daniel Pearl’s killer turns his prison guards

Musharraf blames Britain

It completely baffles me why the world cannot see what a crook Musharraf is. His attitude towards the UK contradictory to how he reacted after 9/11. What other events will be necessary, before someone decides that he has to go and runs a covert operation to get him out of power. I personally would like that he is abducted out of his country and put before the World Court in the Hague and tried on the same lines as Milosevic has been. Asking that of the Pakistanis I guess is too much.

A very interesting article on the topic is…
Nothing Will Change Until Musharraf Closes Pakistan’s Militant Madrassas


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  1. Arzan,

    Very well said, i am sure majority of Indians would want the same to be done to Musharraf.

    My view on the matter is that, Musharraf can afford to flap his wings so much cause he knows that the American government is ON HIS SIDE.

    The Bush government might warn him to keep his act together but its all just an ACT on the world stage. For years now India has been yelling out for the so called world leaders to take action against the Pakistani government but no one seemed to be bothered. But today when the very same people acctacked their land, they are crying out loud.

    Till date the US government has never threatened Pakistan ONLY sanctioned them millions of dollars and other benefits.

    So i wonder who is actually to be blamed, the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT (along with its supporting countries) or MUSHARRAF ???

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