Mutiny to bring back the Mutiny

Dear reader

As youmay have realized, our beloved Sepia Mutiny has been hijacked. Reports are that this is the work of “terrorists who want to take away the freedom of the United States

You are urged to sign this Online Petition at the earliest.

There is also an obituary of sorts on Wikipedia

Sources inside the White House have informed that President Bush is looking into this. In a telephonic interview with PM Manmohan Singh, Bush assured him that the US will do all in its power to bring back the Sepia Mutiny.

Do your bit. Make your voice be heard. Attack with your mouse…..sign the petition


  1. Hiren April 1, 2006

    To the best of my knowlegdge, Bush after Iraq would not be tolerent of any mutiny. He he.

  2. Sakshi April 1, 2006

    Come on give us a break from this dumb joke.

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