My Hometown: Mumbai in the New York Times

On the same weekend as India @ 60 splashes NYC red, the NYTimes does its own special bit on Bombay.

The travel section has an extensive report on Mumbai, including the celebreties, Dharavi and all.  As a localite, I dont find the article particularly illuminating, especially in the travel section. A lot of the article talks about socialites and navigating the social architecture. The over-hyped, Shobha De or whatever she hyphenates her name today as, is featured as is someone who dosent want to be named.

A startling statistic is the fact that in less that 8 years Bombay will become the second largest metro in the world, in terms of population.

The accompanying slideshow is good, but again the pictures are too staged. Most travel pics are these days and I somehow wish that they would hire someone like our homegrown Mumbaiker to actually take these snaps instead of some foreigner.

So continue reading “Mumbai’s Moment” at NYT