New Opportunities For US Outsourcing in India

Disclaimer: If you cannot take sarcasm and humor, please leave this site. This article is not intended or meant to be demeaning or insulting to anyone except self-righteous US Politicians having extra-marital affairs.

India is the outsourcing capital of the world. Of this there is no doubt. Of course all the outsourcing is intrinsically linked to IT. The BPO’s attest to that. Even the recent KPO’s have their roots in the prowess of India as a backend server to the corporations of the world.

However there is one area where we need to buck up.

In recent times American politicians have gone left right and center in having extra marital affairs. The pioneer of the current era was undoubtedly President Clinton. And since then there have been a whole bunch of politicians who have “sinned” in the very Christian sense. Funnily most of them are Republicans and “God-fearing” men of the faith. And at least one of them is a hypocrite of the highest order. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford voted to impeach President Clinton, but then still goes ahead and has one fulll blown affair and then confesses to having more than a roving eye with various other women.

However this very casanova Sanford may have created an opportunity for India. He outsourced his affair to a Latina from Argentina. As a late night comedian put it….”Oh what happened to the good old days when hot blooded US politicians had affairs with US women….are these US women now not good enough ?”.

Here is India’s chance. Indian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. Of that there is no doubt. And now there are direct flights to India that can get these US politicians to our shores in 14 hours!

So there I say, lets start advertising India as a great destination to have an affair. Market it to all the US politicians, be they Democratic or Republican. Issue them visas, give them sops, prepare custom made holiday packages and while at it, throw in “have one, get one free” deals.

More outsourcing power to India, what say ?



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