Newspaper Circulation Increases in Asia

In this day of online news, TV, blogs et al, comes an interesting article from the World Association of Newspapers

Newspaper Circulation, Advertising Increases

Seven of 10 of the world’s 100 best selling dailies are now published in Asia. China, Japan and India account for 62 of them.

The five largest markets for newspapers are: China, with 96.6 million copies sold daily; India, with 78.7 million copies daily; Japan, with 69.7 million copies daily; the United States, with 53.3 million; and Germany,

21.5 million. Sales increased in China and India and declined in Japan, United States and Germany in 2005.

Circulation sales were up +1.7 percent in Asia in 2005 over the previous year, up +3.7 percent in South America, up +0.2 percent in Africa, down -0.24 percent in Europe, down -2.5 percent in North America and down -2 percent in Australia and Oceania. The North American declines were primarily in evening newspapers.

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