No “Mi Lord”

How many times have you seen a Hindi movie in which a lawyer thunders in a court room “Mi Laard, Yeh Gunah……..”

Well, from today, it shall be no more.

Judges in India will no longer have to be addressed in court as “my lord” or “my lordship” – terms dating back to the days of British rule over India. The Bar Council of India said “your honour” or “honourable court” can be used in the courtroom instead. Lawyers can also address the court as “sir” or its regional equivalent. Lawyers welcomed the move, with a top lawyer telling the BBC it was time to get rid of a “colonial hangover”. India won freedom from British rule in 1947.

To me this is a bummer. Why ?? Because my sister is a lawyer, and I had so hoped to see her thunder the same way in court. Alas, now when I see her in action in a court it wont be the same.

Hindi movies wont be the same. !!