No Smoking Here

Smoking is a vice that a lot of people have and cannot give up. I do not have the figures but I think that it is the biggest addiction in terms of users.

While I personally never have smoked and would advise everyone not to, I will support the right for people to make their own choices. And hence find it a bit draconian when legislation is used to implement standards.

However, I think its necessary to stop smoking in public areas where it affects someone else. And that includes bars, restaurants and pubs.

New York implemented this ban a while ago and the experience has been great. Just before enforecement, it was a big political hot potato. But since it has come into practise, the experience for us majority of non smokers has been great.

A similar ban in Mumbai would be a good idea. However its implementation first in terms of legislation and then enforecement will take a lot of political will.

Health is a State Subject and local bodies are not only empowered, but are also responsible for taking measures required to protect citizens’ health. The BMC has launched a campaign to clean up Mumbai. To this, we must add measures to ban smoking in public places. [link]

Before you go off trying to shout me down in this discussion do read on the internet about the various quality of life issues that are involved with smoking.

And yes I would love to hear your views.