NYC Congestion Pricing: R. I. P.

In what is a very symbolic blow to NYC, the congestion pricing plan was laid to rest even before it was brought to life. The honour for that misdeed goes to “Scumbag Silver” a.k.a. Sheldon Silver the speaker of the NY State Assembly.

The proposal would have brought much needed relief to Manhattan’s chaotic traffic during weekdays.

Mr. Bloomberg and his supporters — including a vast array of civic environmental organizations, as well as key city officials like the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, and other elected officials — viewed the proposal as a farsighted and essential step toward the city’s future growth. [link]

Even though I live in Brooklyn, I was for the congestion pricing plan and was pretty sure that it would go through. Of course I did not factor in the dumb-ass politicians from my own borough and others from Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

…the plan was strongly opposed by a broad array of politicians from Queens, Brooklyn, and New York’s suburbs, who viewed the proposed congestion fee as regressive and Manhattan-centric.

This is not the first time that Scumbag Silver has derailed major environmental plans for NYC.

…The plan, which would have charged drivers $8 to enter parts of Manhattan during peak hours, was a huge blow to Mr. Bloomberg’s environmental agenda and political legacy, and his second major defeat at the hands of Mr. Silver and the state Assembly, which in 2005 blocked the mayor’s plan to redevelop the West Side railyards and allow a big sports stadium to be built there.

Seriously, if such nonsense continues for political gains, NYC is fast on its way to become a second tier world city lagging behind places like London, Tokyo and Paris. Why do smart people get stupid politicians ?


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