NYT Locks the Door !!

As in everything in life….these days, capitalism wins.

The NYTimes for long the pre-eminent leader of the newspaper world (according to me) has become a partially paid service.

They have some new product called Times Select whereby you have to either cough up money monthly to get in or have to be a home subscriber.

Now I can understand if I had to pay for articles a couple of weeks down the line. But horror of horrors, I tried to access the Kristoff article in the Op-Ed today and lo and behold….I am locked out.

The article appears in today’s newspaper. It is not even a day old.

As much as I love reading the NYT, and nary a day goes by when I dont have my dose; I am OUTRAGED.

Anyone else feeling the same way ??



  1. I would be outraged, but I’m just laughing after finding this site:


    It isn’t as if a columnist who writes twice a week will go stale if you have to wait a day to read him or her.

    I hate to give this much credit to a right-wing blogger, but shafting the NYTimes is a good reason for me to plug his site. Six months of everybody linking to the syndicated versions, and the NYT will take the columnists out of the “TimesSelect” bundle.

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