Obama Acknowledges Manekshaw in Death

While the Indian Government screwed up and bungled in handling the funeral of Field Marshal Manekshaw, Barack Obama, the Presidential candidate in the U.S. issued a statement acknowledging the legendary war hero’s passing away.

the Democratic Presidential candidate on Monday released a statement condoling Manekshaw’s death, describing him as “a legendary soldier, a patriot, and an inspiration to his fellow citizens.”

“Field Marshal Manekshaw provided an example of personal bravery, self-sacrifice, and steadfast devotion to duty that began before India’s independence, and will deservedly be remembered far into the future,” Obama said, offering “deep condolences to the people of India.”

It’s exactly such reasons why I think he should be elected president of the US.

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  1. pallavi joshi July 2, 2008

    but isnt obama gay??

    anyways.. i think i get a vibe saying he should NOT be the next president.. 🙁

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