On Returning Home

On my way back, (and no there was no long wait, at the Delhi International airport) the immigration officer in Newark, looked at my passport, and my green card and asked- don’t you want to become a US Citizen-you’ve been here long enough? I wanted to say-the day the world I left behind is replicated here may be I will. Until then my Indian passport some how connects me to the country where I swallow the pollution and live to inhale the fragrance of never ending love-that in spite of staying away for years in a country I call my home today, I still reconnect and feel a deeper sense of belonging in India in a way I never could have imagined. And yes I booked my ticket to go back again in December -so my dad can finally say-you are truly home, because my home is where my heart is.

This is the concluding paragraph of an excellent blog post by Kavita Chhibber over at intentBlog