.ORG Domains Sell Fast

My personal website has for years been on www.arzan.org. I selected that domain, because the others .com, .net werent available then. A lot of people wonder why I registered a .org when I am not an organisation ! Well now they know why. Thus it is with great interest that I read a story on Yahoo News about how the .org domain in India is the fastest selling amonst all countries.

The number of “.org” domain users in India increased 31 percent in the past nine monthsThe number of “.org” domain users in India increased 31 percent in the past nine months

Although India now accounts for less than 1 percent of the users registered with “.org” worldwide, new Indian users of the domain are growing at a pace matched by few countries, said Edward G. Viltz, the president and chief executive of the Public Interest Registry, the Reston, Va.-based nonprofit agency which manages use of the “.org” address.

As the article notes, the probable reason lies in the fact that

India is home to one of the world’s largest number of nonprofit organizations, which include aid groups, religious trusts, charities and welfare associations;

And another reason that I have a .org domain….NOT

“The dot-org domain is widely perceived as the Internet home for noncommercial organizations. If you have dot-org, your Web site is trusted,”

Of course both my current blogs [news views and analysis] and [Parsi Khabar] are on wadias.in which very recently came available.  All in all .IN Rocks

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