Own a Haveli in Rajasthan

I came across this article about how the Britishers are byuying old havelis in Rajasthan, and it makes disturbing reading

Owning a home in Rajasthan has many attractions. The region evokes an Arabian Nights world of magical desert towns and cities, camel markets, bustling bazaars and people in vivid clothes. The area is dotted with the extravagant palaces and forts of the warrior clans and feudal lords who ruled the region for centuries.

Many of the centuries-old houses in the region are now empty because laws for selling the family home are complicated, and because most Rajasthanis prefer new properties. The haveli is one of the most appealing styles of property in Rajasthan and there are many of these beautiful houses going to ruin. Similar in style to a Moroccan riad, the splendour of the building is hidden from the public eye. A typical haveli (such as the one, right, at Nawalgarh) is on several floors and will have at least two internal courtyards designed to segregate the men and women. Another distinctive feature of the haveli is the intricate frescos on the walls and ceilings.

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