Pandu goes Online

Anyone who has grown up in Bombay knows that the word “pandu” stands for the police. One of the many connotations of the word means, slow, dud, simpleton….etc.

Thus it is with great happines that I came across this site of the Mumbai Police…[hat tip Mehernaaz]. You can find a ton of information there, and also file a complaint. Seems the lumbering giant is waking up.

It’s not very often that the Bombay Police gets praises, but surely this is one time it has to.




  1. That site is totally decent! (so is this one btw – my first visit) Pandus dont get enough credit; they do a fine job on their thankless salary. I felt so safe growing up in Bombay and every time I read another horror story about Delhi i say a silent prayer to pandus.

  2. wow!! this is excellent!! pandu ‘s must be given credit for that!! mind you , dont make the mistake i made by opening the unidentified dead bodies sections …eek !

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