PETITION for Civilian Nuclear Energy

This is from an email I received from the US-India Political Action Committee. Do go and sign the petition. Ask the United States Congress to Pass Legislation to Approve Civilian Nuclear Energy Transfer to India



Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Bush had declared in their joint statement on July 18, 2005 their resolve to transform bilateral relationship and establish a global partnership in a variety of areas. As two nations – the oldest and the largest democracies – committed to political and economic freedom and the rule of law, the new relationship between India and the United States will promote stability, democracy, prosperity and peace throughout the world. Moreover, such a multi-level strategic alliance will enhance the ability of both nations to work together and provide global leadership in areas of mutual concern and interest.

To this end, full civilian nuclear energy cooperation between the United States and India will significantly strengthen trade and security ties between the two countries.

Our grassroots message, therefore, to the US Congress is to express strong support for passage of legislation that will achieve full US-India Civilian Nuclear cooperation as Indian Americans continue to serve as bridge-builders for accelerated economic and strategic alliance between the two countries.


It is in the economic interest of the United States to assist India in meeting its rapidly growing energy requirements. India views civilian nuclear energy, as not only a source of clean energy, but also a critical component of maintaining it current annual 7% GDP growth rate.

India’s demand for energy is directly proportional to its rapid industrialization and growing stature as a global economic powerhouse. Yet, India’s access to sufficient global energy sources, including oil, natural gas and coal, has failed to keep pace with its domestic demand.

The economies of the United States and India are increasingly becoming intertwined as American companies aggressively seek a growing stake in the rapidly expanding Indian domestic market and India’s growing importance as a critical link for American companies in the global manufacturing and service supply chain. Thus, any market instability in India, particularly energy insecurity, will have a direct impact on the U.S. economy.


Support USINPAC – devoted to defending the interests of the Indian American community. USINPAC will be submitting this petition with your signature to the Congressional Leadership in the Senate and the House. So make your voice heard and sign the petition! ACT NOW!


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