Public Flogging Needed

I am generally against capital punishment. I don’t think that hanging someone or killing them for the crime they committed, is the fair judgement. I personally think that solitary confinment and a lifetime prison sentence with no chance of parole is the way to go.

However, there is only one instance where I would make the exception. And that is crimes against womankind. For these crimes, I think we should go pre-historic, and get some of the old systems of punishment back in force.

Public flogging to death. And these two asshole s Manjit Singh and Darshan Singh of Kurali, Punjab deserve no better

As reported in the TOI

A 30-year-old woman in Punjab was allegedly murdered by her husband after she accused her brother-in-law of raping her and insisted that the matter be reported to police……

…..Vandana had told her in-laws and parents, who live in Himachal Pradesh, that last week she had been raped by Darshan Singh, the husband of her sister-in-law. She insisted that she would report the rape to police to get Darshan Singh behind bars.

Her husband and other in-laws discouraged and warned her against reporting the rape. But when she persisted, Manjit Singh strangulated her to death, police said…..

What kind a person would act this way? What the hell is happening to our society?

A lot of reasons point to honour killings etc. That is barbaric. And an ancient custom that has to be eradicated like so many other customs that have been. Somethings just make no sense.

This is the 21st century. If women are treated the way they are, in urban or rural India, then I am sad to say that I am a citizen of a country that is still barbaric in its outlook.

And in this regard, there is no gray area. Its all black and white. The police will find the guy, arrest him, and then let him out on bail. The evidence will be tampered with, and witnesses will suddenly turn hostile and suffer from loss of memory.

The judiciary will take about 15 to 20 years to come to a verdict, if at all. And in all this time these two scums of humanity will continue to live their lives.

I am sure that it took them no more than 15 minutes to commit their crime. Why cant we give them justice that will also take 15 minutes to arrive at.

I would love to see these two tied up to a post in a public square in Chandigarh. At an appointed date let them be flogged to death. Or even better, let the public loose on them and pelt them to death. They deserve no better.

Saudi Arabia does it, and so does China in a different manner. I don’t want to imply that we start doing things the way these two despotic nations do it, but I feel its the only way out.

In my book, if you commit a crime against a woman, there is no issue of a benefit of doubt. The only solution is the one I described above. More visible punishments like this will spread the message around much faster. By hanging them in jail, it becomes a mere headline in a newspaper. I would like a more visible message put out there.

The world and our country will be better if we have a few less assholes like the ones who committed the rape and the strangulation above.