Rang De Basanti at the Oscars

Rang De Basanti, heads to the Oscars as India’s entry to the Academy Awards…a.k.a the Oscars.

From what I have heard of the movie from the missus, me thinks that RDB is good but not good enough to pull off an Oscar. Anyone want to wager otherwise ??

Rang De Basanti [ Official Website ] [ IMDB ] [ Wikipedia ]


  1. The Great Ganesha September 25, 2006

    hey arzan, i thought the first half of the movie was ok, taking a slightly different path from the standard bollywood fare, but the second half crash-lands straight into the center of film city, bombay. i don’t think it’s oscar-worthy, but then again, if they market it well enough, and there’s not much competition, it might make it to a nomination. my 2 cents… -gg

  2. arZan September 25, 2006

    Lets see GG….maybe u have some “godly” insights !!….that we poor mortals dont :):):)

  3. Sakshi September 26, 2006

    We could have sent in ‘Water’ but sadly Canada is sending it in as their entry. Which in a way is correct since our government could not do much to help the director and the production team here.

    In my opinion ‘Water’ should win..

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