Richard Serra Comes To New York City

Last month while riding my motorcycle home one night from work, I encountered a massive traffic jam at the intersection of Canal and Bowery. Usually at 10 pm thats not the case. The cops had stopped all traffic and were lookiing expectedly in the direction of Manhattan Bridge. After about 5 minutes a flatbed tralier with a massive looming shape came into view.

On top of the flat bed was a twisted, torqued piece of steel. One look at it and I knew Serra was in town. About 6-8 such flatbeds lumbered over the bridge and down the Bowery.

Yes Richard Serra is in town.

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Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years is a new exhibition starting at the Museum of Modern Art from June 3rd, till September 2007.

If you have seen a Serra sculpture, I know you will go again. If you have not, do take the opportunity and go again. It will blow your mind away.

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  1. I’ve seen Serra at Dia Beacon. His work is phenomenal. Among other things, it excited while at the same time bring me face to face with one of my worst fears… trapped in a iron room with no exit. Go see for me too.

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