I was hanging out at Sepia Mutiny today and saw this small clip on the right side saying “written in RocketPOST“. Well click led to click and to more clicks…ok..u got the point….and I found the hand of one of the mutineers behind this rocket !!

RocketPost was born out of the frustration of trying to blog polished prose in an itty-bitty box in a Web browser. The browser crashed, the server lost your work, there was no spell check, you had to upload photos manually, and on and on. And common tasks, like linking to related posts, were a major hassle.

Since working on designing features for Microsoft Word, I’d gotten accustomed to the shortcuts and smoothness of working with a mature, refined word processor. I missed that kind of writing environment dearly.

With RocketPost, I believe we’ve not only solved those problems, we’ve built the fastest, most powerful blog editor on the planet. It’s single-key shortcut goodness. Try the demo and let me know if you agree!manish

I just downloaded the trial version of the program and have been fooling around with it for a little bit. It installed in a jiffy with my movable type setup. The interface is really simple and functional, but has all the bells and whistles one needs for blogging. The real cool features are explained on their site.

The only gripe I have currently is the price. Having become used to free and open-source software..aka FIREFOX et al…the US $149.00 price tag is a bit stiff. Yes I understand that this a labour of love, and that the labourer gotta put food in the gut and cloth around the butt, and hence I respect the reason for the price tag.The trial version runs for 14 days. So I still have 336 hours to comtemplate and play around.

Disclaimer: I am not plugging this product. I do not own any shares in RocketPOST or its parent company Anconia. Am just sharing opinion, in the hope that Manish gets the hint

Anyways try it out. If we all like it a lot and Manish finds a way to raise funding for this, maybe it will become free. Go forth and RocketPOST !!!

Did I mention, this is my first post using RocketPOST !!


  1. Manish Vij September 15, 2005

    Thanks for checking it out! I still have to post about the launch.

    By the way, I seriously loved “>your design work on One Bryant Park. If we all like it a lot and you find a way to raise funding for it, maybe it will become free 😉

  2. Manish Vij September 16, 2005

    FYI, we just posted a free version for Blogger users.

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