Sarah Palin Love Jesus and Such Other Bullshit

Sarah Palin the nominee VP candidate from the Republican party has become the proverbial "darling" of the media this last week or so. To the Republicans she is the "saviour incarnate" come to breathe life into the withering McCain.

However I find two things really hypocritical.

She touts herself as a devout Christian and is pro-life. So, well she does not want a woman to have the right to make her own decision, and will let the Lord do it. However she is proud of allowing her teenage daughter to have a child out of wedlock.

And according to the video, she loves Jesus like no other.


Palin’s address, much of which was spent reflecting on the work of the church in which she grew up and was baptized, underscores the notion that her world view is deeply impacted by religion. In turn, her remarks raise important questions: mainly, what is Palin’s faith and how exactly has it influenced her policies? [link]

Sometimes I really wonder….does such bullshit devalue the stock of Jesus Christ? And then I wonder why these same Christians deride the Muslims when they wear their religion on their sleeves.


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  1. Fantastic ! really a bullshit.She is so proud of her religion then why they object others on
    the name of school or government rules

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