Save Persepolis

UPDATE: Pasargadae Will Never Drown Read here and here


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The Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on the finalizing stages of a dam construction in south of Iran that will ultimatelydrown the archeological sites of Pasargad and Persepolice, the ancient capital of the Archimedean Empire – a rich and complex site that, since its inception, has been considered by all writers of antiquity as one of the wonders of the ancient world and, thus, a part of the cultural heritage of the human race.

Please sign the Petition Online to create awareness and make the Iranian Government change their mind.


Pasargade: Tomb of Cyrus


  1. sunil September 5, 2005

    Oh no!!!

    I just hope i can visit before it is all lost……

    the morons..

  2. aparna September 6, 2005

    Oh this is sad news indeed. Persepolis, though much ravaged with time, remains a beautiful historical site even today. Loved the place when I visited it a couple of years back with my Iranian friends!

  3. arZan September 7, 2005


    Same here. I want to go there too before it is all destroyed forever. Hopefully by early next year.


    I envy you !! Would love to see some pics, if you have posted any online, or you could even email them.

  4. aparna September 7, 2005

    Hi arZan, I am not much of a picture person. But over the last 4years have travelled many times to Iran on work. It is a lovely place!

    Maybe next time, will remember to capture some memories on camera to share 🙂


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