Schools Open Despite Heat

This sure has to be an interesting circumstance. Due to excessive heat the government had mandated that all schools open a few days later than earlier planned.

June 15 was to be the new date. However by the time they decided that, many schools had already informed students about the regular June 11 start date.

And now schools are in a quandry.

Personally I remember that even as a child, as much as I loved the holidays, by early June I was ready to go back to school. I think it had more to do with new textbooks and new notebooks and new uniform clothes and new teachers.

They all bring back so many fond memories. Its funny how the same events as a child seemed so cumbersome, but today as an adult are part of the “good growing up” moments.

So as a new academic year begins all over the city, its back to school kids, heat or no heat.