Separation of Church and State

Most democracies are formed on the premise of separation of Church and State. Or in non christian societies, the seperation of religion and government.

However the strangehold of the Church on politics in the USA is a given in US Politics. And frankly its stifling and sickening.

The NYT writes about some powerful evangelists who may actually support a third party because Rudi Guiliani is pro-abortion.

For months, Christian conservatives have been escalating their warnings about the risk that nominating Mr. Giuliani could splinter the party. Dr. Dobson wrote a column declaring that he would waste his vote before casting it for either Mr. Giuliani or a Democrat who supports abortion rights like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Richard Land, the top public policy official of the Southern Baptist Convention, has said that nominating a Republican candidate who supports abortion rights would make white evangelical votes “a jump ball” between the Republicans and Democrats, with other issues taking the fore.

Guiliani sounds one of the more sensible candidates. And rightfully he is pro-abortion.

The Church has no business telling people what their rights are when it comes to abortion. The person(s) involved should make the decisions based on their circumstances and should have a choice. Some religious institution should not dictate what they should do or not.

Would’nt the world be a better place if religion, be it Christianity or Islam kept out of meddling in politics.

Do read and follow the comments at the end of the article. They exactly speak my mind.



  1. Arzan, just a minor quibble…it is not pro-abortion but rather pro-choice. Anti-abortion folks have smartly labeled themselves as pro-life and their opposition as ‘killers’ whereas it merely entails granting choice to women.

    BTW nice template…design it yourself?

  2. Yup, pro-choice is the more accurate statement of the position of womanists/feminists and others who think women own their own bodies and that their bodies are not the property of men or the nation-state.

    Personally, I don’t support abortion but I absolutely defend the right of other women to choose that option. Also, it is important not to deny the right to choose for poor women who may not have the same access to education, social networks, family planning and counseling that more privileged women may have.
    In an ideal world we adults would all have sexual activity with latex condom use (to minimize the possibility of contracting STDs and AIDS), unless of course procreation is a safe and desirable option agreed upon by adult mutually contesting parties.

    That’s my take.
    Chithra KarunaKaran

  3. Patrix, yes you are right on the semantics of the word.

    Chithra thanks for your comments. Its nice to see it from the perspective of a woman too.

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