Shashi Tharoor pulls out of UN race

In a major disappointment, Shashi Tharoor has pulled out of the race for UN Secretary General.

As reported on NDTV

The decision came after the South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki Moon emerged a clear winner in the fourth Straw Polls.

Moon got 14 votes in his favour and one ‘no opinion’ in the 15-member Security Council.

This is really sad news. Personally I would have loved to see an Indian in the top seat at the Un.

It is evidently very clear that the UN mires in a sad state of politics. The actual worthiness of the candidate is not considered but the shenanigans of regional and world politics come to the fore.

The supposed successor Ban K-Moon, has the backing of the South Korean government who has promised

Millions of Dollars and a Piano… win support for him.

The Times reported

SOUTH KOREA has pledged millions of dollars in aid and offered other incentives to members of the United Nations Security Council to secure its candidate as the next UN secretary-general.

An investigation by The Times has disclosed that the South Koreans have been waging an aggressive campaign on behalf of Ban Ki Moon, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the front-runner to replace Kofi Annan as UN chief at the end of the year. The inducements range from tens of millions of pounds of extra funding for African countries to lucrative trade agreements in Europe — and even the gift of a grand piano to Peru.

The last Secretary General was involved in murky bribe taking controversies while in office. The new one is even before he takes seat. Great going UN !!

Check out the watchdog blog for the blow by blow, including the scandal surrounding Ban Ki-Moon



  1. Very sad yes but the chances of his winning were minimal anyway. Besides this means that he wont stop writing (which is a good thing!).

  2. The actual worthiness of the candidate is not considered but the shenanigans of regional and world politics come to the fore.

    …..and you are surprised – why ?

    Anyways, how does it matter if an Indian heads the UN – will it help Indian national interests to any extent ? Will it allow India to finally obtain a seat in the the Security Council ? Not so much I would say.

  3. Very sad.But then what support did he get from GOI except announcing his candidacy?? I feel GOI has sacrificed him ….

  4. Sportsnob…I’d rather he be UN SG.

    BingoPondit…..Well that is something that only time would have told. It would surely have helped India becoming a political heavyweight.

    Tony…sorry for the error. Its corrected. You are running a great site there.

    Mundarath….yes hopefully this loss will get the Indian SC seat effort a shot in the arm !!

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