Shitting in India: A Beginners Guide

The “Indian Toilet” is something that all of us take for granted. Somewhere or the other, if not at home, do we encounter an Indian WC and therefore know how to squat on one and use it. However there are instances when the only toilet that we know how to use is an Indian WC.

Background done, now the scenario. Foreigners coming to India have in many a cases never ever seen an Indian WC. So how do they shit ?? Its always an embarassing and funny situation. Its not like you can go outside and ask someone “Bhaisahab, yeh kaise istamal karna hai ?” …albeit in their own language.

Or in a reverse scenario, many a times, western WC’s are so dirty in India that you are either required to take up a gym pose where you may or may not shit but will have bulging thighs. Or then crouch up on the WC and do the “crouching tiger, hidden dragon dance” as you aim to dump into the bowl and not on the foot.

However, while we wait for the new first edition “The Idiot’s Guide to Crapping In India”, here is a website that gives a blow by blow series of instructions on how to do it.

For all those of you experienced in the matters of the bowel, kindly point out the inaccuracies. I have already found one questionably dangerous manouvre

[ How to Squat on a Toilet ]