Shivaji Vada Pav

Even in this century of the Stupid Politician, this piece of news takes the cake…or the “vadapav”.

Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray took the lead when he proudly claimed his party’s decision to rename the humble vada-pav as Shiv vada-pav to be ahead in the race with Raj Thackeray. [link]

This takes politics to an amazing level of stupidity never ever seen my mankind.

First we had the shivaji beedi. Now the shivaji vadapav. Next will be shivaji chai.

What’s also disturbing is how these politicians pander to the name of Shivaji. For arguements sake, he was not even a God, prophet, holy man or god man. He was a king of a small group of people. Why is it necessary to elevate the stature of a person so that he somehow becomes an icon for regionalistic jingoism is beyond me.

So the next time you are the corner tapri….why not just order a Shivaji Triple…



  1. Re: “Indians, Chinese, South Americans, Eastern Europeans, etc are here to make a difference and work hard at it. That is what America is about, not closing your doors and not looking outside.”

    Bob, I can see how myopic you are, you seem to reason with your leg not your head. American is no man’s land, it is a land of immigrant, even your fore fathers that settled here met some folks here. Before you comment on any issues, I’d implore u to go learn history, so that u and ur supporters will not be a laughing stock here.

  2. What do Indians in NYC think about Bobby Jindal as McCain’s possible Vice President nominee?


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