Sorry NYC No Winter For You This Year

I think the dude up there decided that this is the year he will change things. Weatherwise that is. And the best way to do that is to skip a season.

So it seems that winter was the one season that we all NYCers voted to remove. Why ?? Because generally winter is fuckin’ cold !!! Brrrrrrrrr !!

And that’s exactly what happened today on the first day of December. We are moving back to the Spring mode. This year Christmas is cancelled. All the money saved from the gifts and presents shall be donated to worthy causes. If you have any let us know and we will pass on your info to Mayor Mike. The only snow this year shall be the crushed kind from your refrigerator. All sweaters and shawls are already on sale at 30% off.

OK, so you think I am nuts ?? Well did you realize that the temperature was a freaking 70 deg F at 1:25 pm today.

So while our brethren in the Mid-West get their backsides slammed by a snowstorm, we in NYC are living in relative harmony and warm weather. See, that’s what you get for being a good city. Very good New York, very good !! Keep it up this way and we can get rid of the hot summers too.


  1. Patrix December 3, 2006

    And it was frikkin 23F here in Texas the other day. Seems we have switched places without actually doing so.

  2. swetha December 12, 2006

    Ya I too agree this …Because generally winter is fuckin’ cold […]

  3. manish December 27, 2006

    aargh… just when i winter in bombay, nyc decides to be warm again..

  4. arzan December 27, 2006

    It was a sunny 55F today. And except for Christmas Day its been warm and sunny. I guess its just the “calm before the storm”

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