Stock Market Fuels the Jokes Market

The world over, financial markets are crashing. Some say its a correction. Others see it as a cascading effect of the US economy slowdown as it ever so slowly creeks towards recession.

The Bombay Stock Exchange suffered its largest one day loss ever this Monday January 21. Suitably named, Black Monday has brought about jitters in the Indian financial sector and economy. And of course also brought about a slew of jokes, mostly forwarded through SMS.

In the middle of a turmoil, the stock markets have become the butt of jokes being circulated across media such as the web and mobile phones.

“Bankrupt allowed to return to their native place without ticket, (Railway Minister) Lalu Prasad,” goes one rude SMS joke.

Other ‘jokes’ border on being stupid, “Good time to invest in stocks of Rupa Frontline, VIP underwear, Jockey briefs etc. ‘Sab ki chaddi uter gayi’ (everyone has lost their briefs). So, everyone will buy a new one.” [link]

If you got any more of your own, please add to the comments below.