Street Fairs in New York City

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Summer brings a whole lot of street fairs into New York City. Stretches of avenues are blocked off on Saturdays and Sundays and vendors put up stalls selling goods and food.

You get the regular Italian sausages, crepes, arepas, corn, lemonade, thai food and pop corn vendors to satiate your hunger and thirst.

If you are in the mood to pick up sheets for your bed, you have a wide choice. If African curious are your taste, you are in luck.

So also if you have peeling and dicing onions. There is always a stall selling one of the quick cutting gadgets. For all your odds and ends…like magnifying glasses, tweezers, manicure sets, there are a couple of stalls.

So are stalls selling socks, undergarments, tshirts, nigh shirts and kiddie tshirts.

And of course the cellphone and ipod accessories.

Thats a lot of stuff you might say. But then if you go to more than one streetfair, you start to realize, that most of these vendors are there at every street fair. How many sheets can you buy in one summer. How many nail clippers and socks and African curious ??

Today I was at the third street fair of this summer for me. New stalls that I have noticed this year that werent there last year are…

A guy selling beautiful wooden roses. These are made out of wooden shavings and look very realistic. They come in all standard colors and are about $6 a dozen. Ironically cheaper than real roses.

Another stall sells beautiful raw leather handbags and leather bound diaries.

I think these stall owners would make a lot more money if they somehow started accepting credit cards. If you start from one end of the street fair you will easily spend a 100 bucks if that is the first one of your season. At least I did so. And how many of us walk around with 100$ in cash. At least I don’t.

So if you havent been to one yet, check out NYC Street Fairs and Festivals for the schedule of the season.

And if you have been to one already, what are some of the more interesting stalls you have come across ??

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