Tear Down That Wall

For all of us who have been frustrated by the whole “Times Select” issue at our favorite newspaper, the New York Times, here is a very interesting article by Mark Glaser, who blogs at MediaShift, a blog on the PBS network website.

Chairman Sulzberger, if you seek peace in cyberspace, if you seek prosperity for your company, if you seek to spread ideas online: Come here to this TimesSelect gate! Mr. Sulzberger, tear down this pay wall!

I understand the fear of losing print subscribers to a free website at NYTimes.com, and the pain of division in your own newsroom, where columnists yearn to roam free in the blogosphere of opinions. To be sure, your business must resist the expansion of free Internet news portals such as Google News and Topix.net . So you must maintain profit margins of unassailable strength. Yet we seek free and open access to some of the great minds of our generation — the Times columnists — so we must strive to reduce paid walls around us online.

In case you wonder why this sounds familiar, the article is parodied on the very famous speech given by President Reagan all those years ago in Berlin.

Go to the site to read the entire contents of this letter. Its wonderfully written


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