The Open Architecture Network goes live…

The Open Architecture Network goes live…

At 8am this morning we launched the beta version of the Open Architecture Network, a stand alone site that allows will allow designers, community groups, NGO’s and others to post projects, browse others, comment and review projects, discuss relevant topics, contribute to shared resources, collaborate with each other and access project management tools to support their work.

In less than 2 hours we will be giving the official unveiling at the 2007 TED conference on the same stage as the new TED Prize winners President Clinton, James Nachtway and EO Wilson.

This is a very early beta and we will be adding and refining alot more functionality over the next year. However the site will only be a good as we all as a community make it. As a group you represent the largest humanitarian and environmental design collective in the world. This site is for you! so please log on and get your hands dirty start to seed the network with all your amazing projects.

So logon, upload your work and make it yours.

Check it out at