The Train That Skips A Station

I came across an article in the Mid-Day today informing about one particular motorman on the Western Railway, who was so busy talking to his pals, that he forgot to stop at a station.

This one incident brings about a whole lot of issues that can become catastrophic if left to fester.

Firstly, why should railway employees ride in the motorman’s cabin. Can they not like all other human beings ride like sardines in regular compartment, or even in first class. But not in the motorman’s cabin.

Secondly, the motorman has no excuse to say that he was distracted and hence forgot to stop. What if there was a train ahead and he had led his rake into a rear-end or headlong collission ?

And lastly, why did the Automatic Warning System not work and stop the train immediately ??

Finally a thought for the poor hapless passengers. What if I was on that train and had a ticket to Kandivili. And now since the train didn’t stop, and I land up at Borivili. And the TC catches me and fines me for ticketless travel ? Who is to blame.

Damn u motorman, you spoilt my day. Therefore I don’t travel by train. Motorbike it is.

And I digress before I conclude.

Disclaimer: I remember travelling once in the engine room of a train. But that was on long distance trains. From Karjat to Lonavala. And believe me it was one of the best experiences of train travel. If you don’t believe me ask my pal Homiar who was with me !