Transit Strike Day 02

The second day of commute in the current transit strike seems to have started bright and early. It does not help that the temperature is in the 20’s all around. But New Yorkers are ready for the cold and the walking.

New paradigms of distance estimation are being set. A walk from Grand Central to Astor Place is 35 minutes. Could be a bit less, if there weren’t so many people on the sidewalk. But, then they would not be there if there was no strike. Oh what a conundrum this world is !!

On the telly today morning, people were not venting out as was the case yesterday. It was more of how they had worked out a plan to beat the inconvenience.

The 5 AM to 11 AM High Occupancy rule for cars should be extended to the evenings too. It took a friend 2.5 hours by car to get from the East village to the other side of Brooklyn Bridge at 4:30 pm last evening. It was a parking lot on the Brooklyn side of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge.

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