US Army Recruitment Center in Bombay

Well, if Retired Brig. Gen. Kevin Ryan of the US Armed Services is to be believed, this can come true.

I often think of those phone calls now as I consider the efforts our nation makes to find and recruit quality men and women into the service. Is there an opportunity out there beyond our borders that we ought to explore while recruiting the best and brightest to our nation’s defense?

I would like to make the case that there is, and it could benefit our nation in a number of ways. [ link ]

India has become the Back Office of the World. Anything that is expensive to get done in the US, is sent to India where we can do it for cheaper and usually better !!!

So why not “soldiering” ??

Most wars that America is fighting are overseas. They get into areas and countries they have no need to be and no business either. Hence, wouldnt it be better for them to order a battalion of soldiers to be delivered to …for example…Sadr City, Iraq.

They could lay down guidelines and manuals about how the soldiers shall be trained. They could lay down procedural guidelines for everything from how a soldier will dress to how he will conduct himself in the field and to how he will shoot any Pakistani soldier, whether the US is at war with Pakistan or not. OK, u get the point.

On the cessation of hostilities, the soldiers are given a firm handshake and they go back to their country, aka India.

So now, if you are walking around Fountain or on Linking Road, and see a white dude in an army uniform, dont think that he is some crazy imposter. He is the US Army and he is out to recruit you. (To familiarize yourself of this scenario, please watch Fahrenheit 9/11.)



  1. Hi Sir ,

    My name is Vilas from Kerala . I would like to join in US Army ,my basic qualification is +2 and degree completed awaiting for the results . if there is any vacancies pls inform the same .

  2. Udayasankar
    Dear Recruiter
    My Extensive background in Management studies (Master of Business Administration) and experience makes me exactly the kind of person that you are advertising.

    I possess a thorough and extensive knowledge of principles and procedures used in human resources and federal and state laws, rules, and/or regulations affecting public human resources administration in India .Having said that, I also have the ability to develop a broad knowledge of those of the employing institution.

    I believe that I have the ability to formulate/revise human resources policies and procedures and at the same time exercise control over implementation of the policies. I am proficient in writing/editing reports. I possess an amazing time management which I take pride in and my people management skills need a special mention.

    I possess extremely good organizational skill and hence can plan, supervise, and evaluate the work activities of others and I believe this comes in handy when performing performance appraisals at the end of the year for all employees. This quality also helps to organize human resources operations within the company and coordinate them with other organizational units.
    I would like to meet with you and discuss adding value to your firm as I did with previous employers. I will contact you in near future. Should you wish to reach me before then, please email me at I appreciate your time and consideration.
    Thanking You.

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