Vada Pav, Bhel and Pav Bhaji: Mumbai’s Gift # 5

My third entry in the Mumbai Metroblogging “Gifts to the World” series

Food is a way of life in Bombay and defines the city to a very large extent. Bombay food specialities are renowned the world over and have become gastronomic icons in their own rights.

The three unique food items listed below will gauranteed bring pangs of hunger to your stomach and saliva gushing in your mouth. Your brain cells will play food havoc, and you will need to eat a Vada Pav, some Bhel and Pav Bhaji.

Head over here for a gastronomic delight.


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  1. Arzan,

    Publishing such explicit pictures should be made illegal. I will personally hold it against you for posting such tantalising pictures knowing fully well that I can’t find half-decent versions anywhere in a 500km radius. I’m torn between calling a lawyer to sue you or my travel agent to get me on a flight to Bombay..

  2. 🙂 Nitin….if you need a reco for a lawyer…I can give one…my sis !! That way I go scot free. She makes sure of that I guess. Or u never know.

    Anyways, I thought that u would get good desi food in Singapore. Come over to NYC. I will make sure you get real good vadapav and bhel. With a plethora of gujjus in NJ, its all here now. Sadly good Pav Bhaji is still a mirage.

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