Watching IPL Cricket Live Online

The Indian Premier League is going to start tomorrow. I havent been closely following the whole tussle between the IPL and the media.

But it seems that there has been no provision made for a live internet video stream.

The few searches on google brings up no credible websites and surprisingly no underground websites have sprung up offering free streaming video on Tivu Player or Sopcast.

If you know of any sites that do, please leave a comment. You will be blessed for a lifetime.


  1. kiran April 18, 2008


  2. kiran April 18, 2008

    how to see ipl cricket on online

  3. asuph April 18, 2008

    it seems they’re streaming it live on

  4. asuph April 18, 2008

    oh yes they are. check out

  5. Munu April 19, 2008

    Hi frnd,
    i cn i get it

  6. naNDU April 25, 2008
  7. kavitha May 12, 2008

    Watch IPL Live on absolutely free.

  8. Raj May 23, 2008

    Thank u Kavitha…

    Good site

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