Welcome Prime Minister

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is in the US and will be honoured at a State Dinner hosted by his US counterpart President Bush

PM Manmohan Singh addressing a Joint Session of the Congress and the Senate
(photo courtesy Yahoo News)

It is a great opportunity for PM Singh to exert himself and India’s stand on many an issue, most notably, the shenanigans of our next door neighbour hoodlum nation Pakistan and India’s permanent seat at the U.N. Security Council.

Its a shame that the largest democracy in the world, is not represented on the UN Security Council, when we have communist crooks like China there. There are rumours that the security council seat issue is not going to be a major issue because the US has expressed passively that it is not going to support India’s cause.

We being the good guests that we are, dont want to rock the boat and hence PM Singh wont press it beyond a polite mention. Why o Why ??

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This last picture is an interesting juxtaposition. One the one hand you see nuns…People of God and on the other, you see the Devil’s Ambassador to USA, Karl Rowe; one of the greatest politically devious minds of the generation…


(photo courtesy Yahoo News)