Why Did Zidane Headbutt ??

In an otherwise scintillating final, the one act that left a sour taste in the mouth was the head butting by Zidane. This was something that was completely shocking. It was sad to see the whole French team on the podium but not him. I hope that history will be kind to him and not judge him by his last international act, but keep in mind the amazing game of this legendary midfielder.


  1. nadnuts July 10, 2006

    I regret it. Yet, I’ll always remember Zizou as a great player.

    Hope he’ll open his mouth soon to let the fans know why he did it so we’ll understand the circumstances.

    Allez Zizou! On t’aime toujours!

  2. arzan July 10, 2006

    Yes I agree.

    From little of what i have read about the Italian defender he headbutted….the azzuri isn’t the straightest of guys.

  3. Sakshi July 10, 2006

    Bloody cheaters….the Italians. 🙁

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