Wikipedia: Facts about India and Indian Americans

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Subject: [saja-disc] INDIA: a Wikipedia entry to deal with facts about India and Indian Americans


I received several messages from people around the world saying they, too, thought it would be a good idea to have an updated, verifiable list of facts about India and Indian Americans. Two folks, Doug Crets in Hong Kong, and Sanjay Jain in Virginia, suggested setting up a collaborative editing system. So I have done just that, on, the free encyclopedia that lets ANYONE edit and contribute.

Please take a look at the entry and feel free to add and edit the info – you just need to know simple word processing to do this:

Meanwhile, if you are new to Wikipedia, here is an article I wrote about it last year:

and an entry from Wikipedia itself about how it all works:

This should be fun – and useful… But ONLY if you participate!


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