1000 GB Mail Account

The email space wars are going insane….[hat tip v p]

Yes…you read it right 1,000 GBYes…you read it right 1,000 GB

It all started from here…a 30gb email service..ridiculous…right but read on.

30Gigs Email for Free..

Approach With Caution-


The Internet is buzzing about this free email service 30Gigs.com, that plans to give people 30 gigabytes of email storage, aka 15 times what Google offers with its Gmail service. The new service shows how commoditized the hardware, especially storage has become.

And then I see your 30gigs e-mail and raise that to 1000 gigabytes…….what next?

Go to MailNation

sign up in the top left corner. no referels, no invitations required.nothing

Anyways i did sign up for 1000gb and the interface is straight outlook by default if you like it or options to change it.




  1. Any friend who could help his/her friend by inviting him to join both 30gigs.com and google’s gmail?
    My email id: “crownabhisek@programmer.net”

    I MUST SAY THANKS in advance

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