12th World Zoroastrian Congress 2022 NYC: Radio Interview with Hrishi K and Arzan Sam Wadia

From Hrishi K @ 94.3 Radio One….

To all my dear #parsi friends #navrozmubarak in 2022 ❤️ thank u for filling our lives with joie de vivre. arzan sam wadia is president fezana (federation of zoroastrians in north america) & I hosted him to talk about the 12th #worldzorastiancongress in #newyorkcity . He was co chair & it was wonderful hearing about #rohintonnariman s talk and all the wonderful panel discussions at the #congress . Big ups to #arzan & his team for the survey they’ve launched on #parsis worldwide in association with SOAS (school of african & oriental studies), University of London. 🙌 it’s always healthy to get more data on this wonderful vibrant community! listen in.

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