18 steps for a great first time New York Experience

Gridskipper has a great list of stuff that is left out of tourist guide books. If you are visiting our city anytime soon, you may want to read these.

1. Don’t Just Stand There, Ask for Directions.
When I see tourists looking lost or confused, I have the urge to come to their aid and set them on the right path. It’s as though it hurts me personally if they have a bad New York experience. Almost every New Yorker is happy to help tourists with directions and show off their city knowledge, even if it means consulting with other New Yorkers and making up stuff.

2. Fear Not the Subway.
Everybody complains about the subway, but it really works well overall, and you should use it with alacrity. On crowded trains, remove your big-ass backpack and hold it to your side. Learn the difference between local and express trains, and beware the empty subway car on an otherwise crowded train — it’s empty for a (smelly) reason.

3. Wear Black.
If you’re looking to blend in, just wear black. That’s it. Oh, and for the love of God, ditch the fanny pack, sports jersey, shorts, Tevas, and Greek-letter sweatshirt, but you knew that already.

To get the entire scoop on all 18 points head over to Gridskipper