2,300 IIPM students get jobs

Source: www.dnaindia.com
This looks like another case of shoddy journalism. DNA India has a news article online that talks about IIPM, the pony-tailed Dean’s institute of questionable reputation. However on reading the article it appears to be an infomercial.

Wonder if this actually appeared in print, and if so in what manner.    


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  1. Let me tell about my real experience with the crooked ways of IIPM.
    In my position of a VP of an IT company, I received a request from a girl student at IIPM for a final year summer project and this was okayed. An assignment was awarded to her and she spent about 30 days over a period of 6 weeks at our Company. She was given a Project Completion certificate while leaving. She came back about 2 to 3 times after that and on each visit she made a request for an Employment Offer because IIPM requires her to submit one on completion of her project work or otherwise she would not be allowed back to classes. A commitment to employ her was neither discussed when she requested for project work nor did we have any use of her skills so we refused her request. She cried woefully during her visits. Any way we stood by our policy. A few days later there was a half-page ad in local newspapers from IIPM claiming that all their students have been employed/recruited by top notch companies. So readers can guess for themselves about the quality of IIPM’s claims. By the way have you ever heard of a unversity called Manoramam Sundariar University? — the chances are you have not — but that is the university whose MBA degree IIPM gives it students.

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