7 Nuisances of Bombay

This is part of the Mumbai 7 Lists series at Metroblogging Mumbai. This was cross posted here

There are a lot of small and big incidents that annoy the heck out of me. The seven things that really annoy me are

1) People asking me to turn off my lights on the motorbike in daytime.

If by mistake my headlight is on and I exit my compound, each and every single person on the street will say “Boss Light Light”. Its as if the world will end that instant unless I turned it off immediately. Its not like the BEST is going to charge me for it. And funnily all over the world, its mandatory as a safety regulation to have the headlights of motorcycles on at all times. They are called day light running lights.

2) Dumb people spitting out of moving vehicles

I hate it when people just spit out of a moving bus or car with nary a care for the other users of the road. As much as spitting is bad, this is even worse. In most cases if your window is down the spittle flies into your car and soils your clothes. If I had my way, I would keep a water gun, fill it with goo and catch up with the “spitter” and plaster him/her with goo.

3) Cabbies Driving around empty at 2 kmph

Empty cabs driving up and down busy roads at 2 kmph trying to pick up passengers. In doing so, they screw up the traffic even more.

4) Hawkers not allowing cars to park in front of their stalls

This especially happens on Linking road. First of all the hawkers are there illegally and then on top of it they dont want you to stop or park your car there, even if it is legal. Same goes for the stupid security guards outside designer shops, who also dont want you to stop in front of their shops. Its not like their shop hoardings are at ground level and no one will see them !!

5) Hijras

Hijras (eunuchs) drive me nuts. I can understand if they just wanna beg and move on, but they start touching and groping you, especially if you are on the bike or in an auto rickshaw.

6) People Talking incessantly on cellphones in indoor public areas

We have become a city of cellphone users but most lack the etiquette that needs to come along with it. You find people answering their cellphones in restaurants and theatres and talking away as if they are in their own living room. If you have to answer the call, excuse yourself and go to a place where you dont disturb others by your loud talking. And whats with the shouting on the cellphone. It is not mandatory to talk loudly. You can talk in a soft voice.

7) Shiv Sena

Everytime I think the city is moving forward economically and politically the ugly head of Shiv Sena rears up. The latest episode in Thane just proves that they have nothing constructive to do and are today a shame and abhoration on the name of the “Marathi Manoos”. When and how can the city get rid of this, the biggest nuisance ?