A DISH in Texas

This is one more in the “nuts” category of stories

This week, Clark, Texas, morphed into DISH in exchange for a decade of free satellite television from the DISH Network for the town’s 55 homes.

What you may ask is the benifit of this crazy deal ??

In a deal unanimously approved Tuesday by the two-member town council, Clark agreed to become DISH permanently, effective immediately. It’s part of an advertising campaign for Englewood, Colo.-based EchoStar Communications Corp., which operates the DISH Network satellite TV system.

The company pegged the deal at about $4,500 per home in the rural patch of ranch land, which is about a half hour’s drive north of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Beyond the lure of free TV service for the 125 residents, the renaming is a way for the town to attract businesses and residents, said Mayor Bill Merritt, who courted EchoStar to pick the town….[..link..]

Hearing about this, the citizens of Intercourse, PA are wondering when their freebies are arriving.