A Tour of Pyongyang North Korea

Readers of this blog will remember my complete distaste and contempt for the “Great Leader” Kim Jong-Il, the despotic ruler of North Korea. In today’s world, North Korea reamains the last of the “land of Oz”….a mythical and mystical land, that most people can only imagine, but one that exists in reality.

Peter Hitchens is a columnist for the London Mail on Sunday, and he writes a wonderful post about his journey to Pyongyang.

North Korea is a small, isolated, stagnant pond left over from the flood of Marxism-Leninism, which long ago receded. But it has nowhere to drain away. Far too many people, not all of them in Pyongyang, have an interest in keeping it as it is. It still has the capacity to do terrible things but mainly to its own citizens. A serious policy would aim to find a way to help it escape from the political and economic trap in which it finds itself. Threats, name-calling, and the pretence that this shambles of a country is a serious world power are unlikely to achieve this. It is more to be pitied than to be feared.

Read his entire post titled “Camp Kim” here.