About nVa

Arzan Sam Wadia

Based in New York but originally and permanently from Bombay.

I practise as an architect and urban designer at Cook+Fox Architects, and run my own web design studio and am a Technology Consultant with core expertise inĂ‚  System and Network Admin, CAD|BIM customization and Social Media Strategy.

Other passions include Scouting, reading, current affairs, politics, Parsi and Zoroastrian matters and motorcycle riding.

I currently am serving my second term as a Board Member of the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York.

I am also a life-long member of the Sethna’s 18th West Bombay Scout Group, India’s oldest running Boy Scout Troop.

There is nothing I dont have an opinion on !! And therefore I blog.

My motorcycle here in the city is my most treasured material possession, and I ride it 9 months in the year.

Besides writing on News Views and Analysis I also run Parsi Khabar, a blog about Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India.

I was a regular contributor on Metblogs Mumbai and Metblogs NYC before the site closed down.

I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

A born foodie, I love to taste different food, and as a rule in life never say no to something the first time around. The vast cuisines and choices have made me a “food snob”, and I cannot tolerate inferior taste.

The things that happen in everyday life are here !!

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