It’s beena few days since I posted a blog entry on any of the four blogs i write on.

Being in Bombay has its ups an downs. One of the downs, is the lack of constant internet access. In New York, while at work, during lunchtime was a sure shot slot to post on the blog or to catch up on reading others but here its not the case.

For one, I am not here at work. Being at home and running around all over town getting things ready aint a simple holiday.

There is so much to say and write about Bombay, my city, which transforms itself so fast every single year. But I guess the writing will have to wait for a few days or weeks. In the meantime i wil plug in once in a while, but be rest assured that I am alive and kicking.

If i was not, you would have heard it here !! 😉


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  1. Oye Bawa.. Kaisa hai. Cant believe I found u on a Blog! Hows life. Whats up. As for me I am in Nagpur working for a Furniture Design company which I joined after doing my M. Des. Hows the rest of the gang.


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