Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize 2007

The Nobel Prizes are some of the most distinguished awards in the world. It is given to people who have made significant contributions to their fields of expertise or profession. However within all the Nobel prizes, the Peace Prize according to me is the most important one. It affects all of humanity, and the planet we live on.

In probably the loudest rebuke to the US, the Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded this year’s peace prize jointly to former Vice-President and current Environmental Crusader Al Gore and the UN Climate Initiative.

This sends a strong message to the US government and the governments of the world that climate change, global warming, and similar threats are some of the biggest challenges mankind is facing and therefore what Al Gore is doing outside of any government or office is commendable.

I saw his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” when it came out and it is one of the best made documentaries ever.

And frankly with the Nobel now, this man is a rockstar in all senses of the word.

How many people in the world have an Emmy, Oscar and a Nobel on their mantelpieces ?

This is the kind of man who should be at the helm of affairs and be running a country….any country.

There is a grassroots movement called Draft Gore that is doing exactly that. Hope that they succeed in their mission and he jumps into the electoral field here in the US.

Or then we could make him an honorary citizen of India, and put him in place of Pratibha Patil. Wot say ?



  1. Dear Arzan,

    I am quite disappointed with this award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore. While I have nothing against Gore or the climate change issue, I am not happy with the way this award is being misused today, departing from the intentions of Alfred Nobel, who instituted it in the first place.

    I’ve written more on this in a post on my blog.

    As an aside: I like the new look of your blog! And I’m going to subscribe to your feed as well. Do keep blogging!


  2. Mahendra

    Yes in a way I do agree that this award has become linked to issues and movements that need highlighting.

    But sometimes even that does not help. Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel did not bring about any change for her or for her nation.

    Hopefully the wide scale publicity that this generates here in the US because its Al Gore will somehow make the US stand up to global warming as a world wide issue.

    A simple fact can explain it all. The US is 5% of the world population but comsumes 25% of all natural resources as energy.

    Start using the same statistic for China and India and you will realize where we are headed.

    And…thanks for your compliments. The feeling is likewise regarding your blog.

  3. Dear Arzan,

    I’m not so optimistic as you regarding whether it will make the US stand up to global warming as an issue.

    BTW, I’m still getting a software error after I hit the submit comment button. Please do check on it. Thanks!

    Warm Regards,

  4. This is the exact error I get after submitting a comment. Please feel free to delete this comment after you’ve fixed the problem.

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