Alistair Pereira Should Become a Poster Child

Alistair Pereira has been sentenced to three years in jail. That comes to about 7 months of imprisonment for each life that he took. I, like many others feel that its too less. However what’s done is done, and at least justice was served.

However this is a great opportunity for the governmnent, NGO’s and other community organisations to put Alistairs face on posters in schools, colleges, theatres, malls and what have you. He can become a poster child for what can go wrong when one is reckless in their young life.

Driving fast, partying crazy and having fun is not bad. Infact I would say if you don’t do all this, you havent lived life. However being reckless and endangering others lives should not be tolerated.

If you like to drink, knock yourself out. But then don’t drive.

If you like to drive, zip zap zoom, but then be sober when you are driving…not drunk.

And if you cannot do one without the other, at least have the balls to take the punishment that comes your way. Own up, suck it in and take it like a man. Dont go circumventing the law and finding loopholes.

So Mr. Pereira, see you in 2010.


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  1. Hey Buddy, that’s very true. By the way, the face he was making after coming out from court was of a PIG ! Yeah, well, he is a PIG. And so are all his other freinds, I wish to get Alistair and his fellow buddies all drunk, doped and asleep on a road, all 6 or 7 of them and mow them down. An Eye for An Eye. I wonder if the mumbai police will leave me on bail after killing so many rich kids, but whatever, alistair is going to eat shit for the rest of his life !

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